Pistachio Pairings

We're delighted to share with you some of our very favorite ways to incorporate healthy, nutritious pistachios into your party spreads, with suggestions for pairing them with other foods. The earthy, nutty flavors (and crunch!) of pistachios will complement any cheese/charcuterie board, appetizer platter, or beverage selection.

Read on for our pairing suggestions:

A table set with cheese, pistachios, wine, bread, and olive oil for dipping.#1 way to pair Yurosek Farms Roasted & Salted Pistachios...

Need to impress dinner guests with an appetizer that is sure to please? Pair these savory flavors together: Sour dough baguette, extra virgin olive oil with cracked pepper, salted pistachios, aged Gouda cheese, and Zinfandel. Your guests will love the savory combination of these flavors!

A table set with wine, cheese, pistachios, grapes and apples.#2 way to pair Yurosek Farms Roasted & Salted Pistachios...

The nutty rich flavor of aged Gouda, paired with the salty pistachios, crisp gala apples, grapes, and Pinot Grigio makes your mouth sing with flavor, texture, and deliciousness! These sweet and savory flavors complement each other beautifully and would be served well as a dinner appetizer or a fun summertime snack.

A wooden bowl filled with pistachios.#3 way to pair Yurosek Farms Roasted & Salted Pistachios...

The best way of all is to simply crack open the shells and pop the pistachio nut right in your mouth! Pair this with any ice-cold beverage and have an empty bowl handy to catch all the shells in.

Check back often - we'll be adding new pairings soon. In the meantime, stock up on your favorite pistachios and view our pistachio recipes for your next gathering of friends and loved ones.